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Satellite Phones for Rental / Hire

IT Rentals have a large number of Iridium 9505 & 9555 Satellite Phones available for short (day) to long (year) term rental, lease and for sale.
Our Satellite phones run on the Iridium Satellite network and can send / receive calls, texts and data.

Satellite Phone 9555

Iridium 9555

• Compact and durable design
• Easy to use
• SMS and email messaging
• Integrated speakerphone
• Headset and hands-free capability
• Internally stowed antenna
• Mini-USB data port
Support for phone as modem
• Up to 30 hours standby time
• Up to 3.1 hours talk time

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Satellite Phone 9505

Iridium 9505

• Compact and durable design
• Easy to use
• Global SMS
• Headset and hands-free capability
• Up to 30 hours standby time
• Up to 3.6 hours talk time

Full Specifications
What's included Quick User Guide Common Questions


Common Questions about Satellite Phones

How do Satellite Phones work?
Satellite phones are designed to work anywhere outside with over 60% sky visibility, they search and find a satellites and enable the calls/SMS/data to be transferred. With up to 30 hours standby time and 3.2 hours of talk time they are ideal for travellers, trampers, hunters, fishermen etc where general cell phone use is limited. They are slightly larger than your typical cell phone but small enough to easily fit into a backpack (water/dust resistant) and they’re easy to use.
What is included when you rent a Sat Phone from IT Rentals?
Iridium Sat Phone 9555, A/C and Auto battery charger cables, various aerial extensions, soft leather belt pouch, instructions with details on how to make calls, receive texts etc and a hard shockproof carry case. Additional batteries are available on request.
What other additional costs/call charges apply?
National calls are charged at $2.50NZ per minute, International calls are $3.50NZ per minute and texts are $1.50NZ each. Calls/Texts are charged after the phone is returned to IT Rentals and are additional to the rental fee of the actual phone.
Minimum rental period and delivery?

Rental terms are from 1 day to 12 months. We offer a 1-3 hour delivery service in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch and next day for the rest of NZ.

Ideal if you are heading into the bush for hunting or tramping, sailing off shore or for emergencies.

You can FREE text message any Irridium satallite phone from here.

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